Fuel Cell Stack Seals

Fuel Cell Stack Seals

Freudenberg provides sealing solutions for all PEMFC and DMFC fuel cell applications: for automotive drive train or auxiliary power unit, stationary or combined heat and power application, stacks for off-grid/grid connected, and leisure. Being a leading worldwide sealing company we offer technologically perfect and affordable solutions for your sealing problems.
Fast GDL

Our particular seal contribution to the fuel cell industry is to provide a best design with our fuel cell qualified materials that we manufacture for any development stage from small prototype volume to high volume production. Freudenberg meets these challenges with a variety of sealing solutions. Our comprehensive sealing portfolio includes loose gaskets (supported or unsupported) and integrated designs onto metal or graphite bipolar plates and softgoods such as GDL, MEA and MEA frame material.

The primary sealing functions are to prevent leakage of coolant and reactant gases and to compensate manufacturing tolerances with minimum line forces. Other important product features include ease of handling, assembly robustness, and durability.

Seal integration on graphite BPP

Freudenberg has developed seal materials that meet all requirements of fuel cell environment and lifetime operation. For low temperature PEM and DMFC applications our silicone material, 40 FC-LSR100 or our superior polyolefin elastomer, 35 FC-PO100 are available. For higher operation temperatures up to 200°C we offer fluorocarbon rubber, 60 FC-FKM200.

Within the Freudenberg Group we have access to all relevant sealing know-how. This makes us well prepared for the PEM fuel cell industry.

Examples of our sealing solutions:

  • Fast GDL
  • Seal integration on metal BPP module
  • Seal integration on graphite BPP
  • Ice Cube Sealing

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