Mobile Homes/Boats

Independent, reliable off-grid power supply is required for many leisure applications. Mobile homes and boats are often disconnected from the power grid over longer periods of time and have only limited ways to generate energy on-site (solar panels, small wind turbines). Unfortunately, sunshine and wind are intermittent and not reliable.


Conventional power supplies like lead-acid or even Li-Ion batteries often lack the capacity, power and reliability to supply them with sufficient electricity. The latest generation of compact fuel cells presents a real alternative. With the approaching mass-adoption of fuel cells in various industries and applications, prices are expected to fall sharply due to economies of scale.

For this is reason fuel cell systems are now being deployed in leisure applications to charge the battery, independent from sun and wind power. Freudenberg fuel cell components play an important role to keep these systems running.

Our products for leisure

  • Our GDL materials are suitable for DMFC and PEMFC systems and are well accepted in this industry segment.
  • Our N type filter media protect worldwide protect the system against harmful particles and chemical contaminants. It removes substances like salt, dust particles and gaseous substances like ammonia that are common in rural areas.
  • Our seal material FC-PO100 is developed and proven suitable in the PEMFC and DMFC environment without any sign of fuel cell degradation.

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