Zero Emission Vehicles

Fuel Cells are the ultimate zero emission engines to drive automotive vehicles.

With only water vapor and no other tailpipe emissions, power is generated not by combustion, but purely by the chemical reaction of compressed gaseous hydrogen and oxygen (air).

Zero Emission Vehicles

Providing high efficiency, long range and fast refueling, fuel cell electric vehicles overcome the shortcomings of battery electric vehicles and are regarded as the best long-term solution to achieve global climate change targets through reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Used in automotive fuel cells, Freudenberg gas diffusion layers and stack seals allow the highest stack performance and dynamic operation. Together with Freudenberg filters and humidifiers a perfect combination of conditioned air and hydrogen supply to the fuel cell stack will enable vehicles to drive anywhere.

Our products in zero emission vehicles

  • Our GDL materials have proven superior fuel cell performance in today’s fuel cell vehicles.
  • Our seal design realized with our material 35 FC-PO100 has proven performance advantages.
  • Our N-type filter media allows compact automotive packaging and long maintenance intervals.
  • Our humidifiers enhance significantly stack performance.

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