Telecommunication Back-Up Power

The power needs of a telecommunication base station represent an excellent fuel cell application. In step with the fast growing demand for mobile phone networks so too are fuel cell system sales to this market. In remote, off-grid base station placements, fuel cells can provide high reliability primary power with infrequent refueling visits. Even in locations where electricity is readily available, fuel cell back up power has gained in importance over lead-acid batteries or diesel generators for backup power.

Telecommunication Back-Up Power

Fuel cells are beneficial over the traditional back-up solutions for two main reasons. They produce little-to-no emissions in use (depending on fuel) and they offer more reliable power than lead-acid batteries and diesel generators. Fuel cells also offer lower life cycle cost which makes them an attractive option.

Freudenberg fuel cell products contribute to these system advantages by their high quality product features.

Our products applied in today’s back up:

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