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The future of power and heat generation

Comfort and efficiency by fuel cells

Fuel cells applied as combined heat and power generators (CHP) are gaining momentum for private and commercial use. Processing natural or regenerated gas into hydrogen, micro-CHP provide electricity and heat by directly converting the chemical energy of hydrogen and oxygen (air) into electricity resulting in a much higher efficiency when compared with conventional heating systems. Thus, fuel cell based heating systems will contribute significantly to saving energy and reducing global warming. This contribution will be even more effective once “green” hydrogen is used having been generated from renewable resources (bio mass, wind, solar).

Our products applied in today’s stationary and CHP fuel cell systems:

  • Our GDL materials meet long life requirements.
  • Our seal material 35 FC-PO100 has proven its lifetime advantage.
  • Our filters prove their superior chemical and particulate filtration performance.
  • Our humidifiers allow a long fuel cell life.

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