Material handling/Forklifts

Fuel cell systems offer enormous advantages in material handling applications, in comparison to battery powered systems. These advantages include increased productivity, lower operational cost, and more commercial space.


This is why fuel cell systems are used already today to provide power to fork lifts and other material handling equipment.

In the fuel cell, Freudenberg gas diffusion layer and stack sealing solutions have a significant contribution to power production and membrane durability. On the balance of plant side, Freudenberg humidifiers and filters ensure durable and safe operation, even in harsh operation conditions.

Our products for material handling:

  • Our GDL materials ensure robust operation in freezing and high shock load environments.
  • Our seal materials are suitable for subzero temperatures and absorb high loads.
  • Our filter media type N ensure a safe and reliable operation in harsh warehouses or chemical plant environments.
  • Our humidifiers allow long life application in tough working environments.

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